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Most recent management applications for expert assessment office, and developed by TGI, Expert Light is a 100% online application, hosted in the TGI Cloud, designed to optimize cases management and lead business activity.

The Expert Light solution is dedicated as well to large offices as well as independent experts, specialized in non-life insurance or Construction/Building.

Expert Light is :

  • A business application able to manage the whole life cycle of expert assessment cases, which facilitates sharing between constituents and agents,
  • A truly ERP software and a complete CRM tool which will support invoicing, accounting, contacts management, or your daily business management.

All-in-one application, Expert Light shed light on the management of your whole activities, enabling you to refocus on the essential.

Expert Light

Expert Light is a hosted application, available in the TGI Cloud, that doesn’t need any license purchase and which is quickly deployed.
Expert Light is available 24 hours a day from any workstation connected to the Internet, including Smartphones and Tablets.
Through the hosting, you have not to manage maintenance and updates of the software, neither the need to invest in servers purchase, and you can rely to a qualified assistance in case of need, while controlling your budget and securing your data.

Through its up-to-date and intuitive interface, the undertaking and use of Expert Light are easy and quick. Customization of the interface allows to each office co-worker to visualize only information required, in order to gain in efficiency and productivity


Expert Light is the most complete Web application for insurance experts.
All the functionalities required for support all the cases and for the right operation of the Office are gather together into that unique solution.

Expert Light relies on 5 basic principles :

  • 1. Complete management of your cases,
  • 2. Global driving of your office (ERP),
  • 3. Managing your contacts and clients tracking (CRM),
  • 4. Accounting management, of invoicing and receipts.,
  • 5. Securing your data and users administration.

All-include package

By choosing Expert Light, you’ll beneficiate to an all-include package, involving :

  • The Expert Light software,
  • Hosting of the solution,
  • Maintenance,
  • Support

Furthermore, Expert Light is a multi-lingual and multi-currency application, suiting for an international utilization.

DARVA certifications


Dans la lignée de son prédécesseur Expert-pro, le logiciel Expert Light est en cours d’obtention des certifications DARVA.

Avec la certification DARVA, les échanges avec les compagnies sont facilités et une double saisie sur le portail DARVA n'est plus nécessaire, ce qui réduit davantage le temps de saisie des dossiers.

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